Gum Depigmentation

The color of the gingiva plays an important role in overall esthetics.  hyperpigmentation of gingiva (dark gum) usually does not present as a medical problem, but many patients may consider their black gums to be unaesthetic. This problem is aggravated in patients with a “gummy smile” or excessive gingival display.


Various laser treatment modalities have been made for cosmetic removal of dark gingival pigmentations including laser ablation and non surgical laser which both are considered to be one of the most effective, agreeable, and reliable techniques for treating gingival hyperpigmentation.

Erbium laser is able to remove excessive melanin deposition, clinician visualization of residual pigments is excellent. Different from other lasers that produce carbonization at treated surface which make clinician confused with the pigment. Minimal thermal damage by erbium laser contributes to faster wound healing. Absence of burning or charring is psychologically good for patient.

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